It’s Coming!

This is the last week of me working behind the scenes before you start to see what I’ve been up to. Admittedly I didn’t get as far along as I would have hoped, being that my holiday vacation was cut very short but I am still able to get some things done. Most of the time I’d spent catching up on everything art related that I’d fallen behind on with the goal of then getting ahead. The catching up I did…the getting ahead well not so much. I’ll have to see how far I get this week.  I mainly wanted to get myself in a position where I can be a little more consistent…
i.e. fit a bunch of new projects in my already project filled life >.>

Basically, I am pushing myself to be more serious about Astria Legends as my company and put the love and care into it that I’ve been lacking. Procrastination…the bane of my existence.
With that said, I made myself a checklist and schedule and gave myself Saturdays off so I don’t get burnt out. I’m so excited!

Some things to look forward to:

The comic is coming back! That’s the MAIN thing I was trying to get ahead on. The next page will go live on Jan 30th and hopefully a page every Saturday after. My Patrons on Patreon get the comic pages ahead of time (this page is already live for them).


This marks the start of a very special event and all of you will be able to participate in, no matter where you are in the world. And there will be a grand prize giveaway for those who follow the event all the way through.

Last thing I’ll mention is if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube it may become something you might want to do as I plan on starting a very original series on there. And by original I mean that I haven’t seen anyone else post something like this before. I’m hoping for the first episode to be uploaded at the end of February. This is something you don’t want to miss!

If the series is a hit, I will also start a companion series and bring some other people in. Well…you’ll see what I mean when the series starts.

This is not all that I have planned, but just the stuff that will be coming the soonest.



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