The Road to Riches

And by Riches I mean lots of fun things revealed. I’ve been pretty busy trying to prepare all these different visions I have in my head.

So what’s been up?

I’ve been really racking my brain on this one. Basically having a comic come out before the video game, without spoiling all the video game goodies I want to surprise you with. The comic issue will be totally free and come out on Free Comic Book Day 2016 (May 7th). And yes… you heard me right… I’m actually planning an RPG for this! Hopefully I can do it…its a big undertaking that I’ve never done before and it scares me. But it is something I’ve always wanted to do too.
So for the storyline I wanted to explore the situation we all find ourselves  in. That space where it seems like God is silent…and you get no answer. Every Astrian receives their purpose from The Exalted One while in infancy, but what happens if an Astrian doesn’t receive it? I seem to find myself in those silent moments more often then I like to admit so to explore this will be emotional for me and I know it will speak to someone.

The other major thing I’m working on is livening up my Youtube page. It just finished receiving a much needed makeover in anticipation for the first all new video to go live March 1st.No, I’m still not telling what the main series is going to be, but I will say there are a few other kinds of videos I’d like to add to the mix. One of them being a quick quiz series for any of you that feel like you know a good bit about some aspect of Astria Legends, whether it be character names, storylines, species, lore etc… I think it would be fun to have someone try to answer a couple question on a subject real time. Maybe make is like Jeopardy where they can pick the topic and level. hmmm…might have to start working on that.

The first big event for Astria Legends this year is the Exodus Virtual Book Tour! It officially begins on February 22nd and ends March 4th. I’ll be giving away a doll AND a $50 Amazon Gift card as part of the event! To get an entry you have to comment on the post each day and follow the tour till the end. Can’t seem to go everyday? well if you post on at least three stops you get the Patreon Exclusive Desktop Wallpaper.

More info to come!


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