House Log 1 – Intro



I can’t tell you how weird it feels to watch my house come together. It was a very terrifying experience to start, rewarding to go to the show room and now…just the anxious anticipation of being in my own house. It’s also wonderful to have a supportive church family throughout the process, especially my Pastor (whose been gracious enough to take these pictures for me). It just makes me feel even more blessed.

So what am I going to discuss? Well a new home brings a LOT of things I have to work out in my head as far as decorating and so much more. As I go through the process I thought it would be a neat idea to blog about it 🙂 and verbally record the memories of building my first house!

When I went to the show room, I was drawn to do colors that were as far from brown as I could get. Basically in an overall sense, I want to accent my house with gold. I want it to be fit for a queen to be in… elegant, unique yet peaceful.

So for the initial colors I had to choose, are below.

And I really hope they go together when all is said and done. I mean, who wants to walk into their home for the first time and go “OMG what have I done?!”


For the carpet, I chose a nice golden brown, that would bring out any accents I use for the house and saved it from being whites, or greys which get dirty easily, or dark browns that I just don’t want.

Cabinets I picked the darkest brown they had, that you could mistake for black (since black wasn’t an actual option…but white was?! anyway…). I wanted to not have to try and match colors with brown, and black goes with any color.

Tile is white with grey I think I have no idea how I forgot it…i KNOW its white…but there is pattern and grey or cream or something in there…

What else? OH countertops are black/white/cream marbled swirls. I asked the lady what most people chose and made sure I’d chosen something else. Because yeah I like being different lol.

I also found a cool article on color palettes for the home:

But I know that if I did my entire house in one scheme I’d be sick of it after a while, so I’m going to do different colors in the rooms so if I’m tired of a color I only have to change that one room. But all the rooms will be connected with the gold accents. The trick will be to get the adjacent room colors to flow into each other and not look like a clown house LOL.

We will see how that goes.


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