Social Media Ad Campaign

One of my first marketing plans was to run an ad campaign on both Twitter and Facebook. I spent $100

on each campaign and did as much of a similar setup in each one. Twitter didn’t have as many

categories as Facebook, but instead allows you to choose some categories for their outside of twitter

networks. I also set both to pay only for likes/follows.

I started with 70 followers on Twitter and 40 likes on Facebook.

What I found during the campaigns is that my cost per follow on Twitter quickly went up whereas for

Facebook it stayed around 50 cents for a good while. Both campaigns were set for 2 weeks (with the

$100 limit) but the Twitter one didn’t even last a week. I ended up with around 30 followers in less than

a week, which amounted to around $3+ per follow. Facebook, on the other hand, I ended with 128 likes,

which means I got a lot more for my money.

The only problem I’m finding with this is that while Facebook has more follows, the number of people who actually see my posts rarely gets above 10. Why? Because fanpage posts seldom actually show on people’s walls. Whereas with twitter, though the number of follows is less, every post is seen by all the followers. This is making me lean towards utilizing Twitter over Facebook.

Will I do this again soon? Maybe, I feel like the campaigns did what I wanted it to do. It’s been a

couple weeks since, so those subs that end up unsubscribing have done so and I stay at 101 on Twitter

and 131 on Facebook. My purpose for the campaigns were to give me a starting audience for the

projects that I’m currently doing. Plus I wanted to do a test to see what gender would subscribe to me,

of course the location was limited to the US. But if I should do it again, it will be strictly for Twitter.

The results started mostly female, but in the end in both campaigns it was about even between male

and female. That actually surprised me since I never think my brand would appeal to males BUT I’m

certainly glad it does!

So in conclusion the campaigns were a success, but that is not where my marketing plan stops! I have

two other things coming into play soon. Stay tuned!

Till Next time

Exalted Blessings,

The Angelic Empyress


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