Looking for a Theorist!

Astria Legends is looking for a volunteer Theorist!
What I would like to add to my Youtube channel is some videos from a different point of view. For this, I need someone who likes to putting clues together and theorizing, so that as I post new stories and projects there is someone who gives their thoughts and ideas as to what could be coming up in the story and connections between the story and other projects. Or just any theory in general. I do tend to hide information and connections all over. So what would it take to be the Theorist? The theorist would be someone who is generally interested in my world and characters, and is eager to learn more about it. They will also need to be self-motivated, because this task works at their own pace. They have to be motivated enough to read lore that’s available, read through the comics (novels are optional) and look for hints related to unanswered questions, story theories, symbolisms and possible correlations back to the bible, myths and legends. I would not be telling where I have said information or have a set schedule for when I need to have these done. But I would expect check-ins to insure that learning is being done.

Also this person would have to be able to create either a video or animated presentation demonstration for any theories they have come up with.

If you are interested in the position, then comment on this post or reach me at admins @ astrialegends .com (no spaces).


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