Update 2017

I know I’ve done quite a few voice acting calls that never seem to go anywhere. Well it’s mainly that I’ve finally realized that I can’t do it all by myself. So I’m going to be getting more people on my team to help some of my projects come to fruition.

With that said I had to find my focus, i.e what projects I really want to focus on. After thinking about it I figured out that I want to go back to basics. With the redo of the Astria Legends website, I didn’t put all the information back up on there, deciding instead to only put the information that has been revealed in the comics. I need to get a solid foundation for the comic characters before just throwing all the other characters in the mix. So the project using the Exodus characters will be cancelled for now.

So what then? I’ll be getting voice actors ONLY for the characters that are in the Dawn of Unity Comic and Clandestine Dimension. From this, I have decided not to do the Penumbra game, even though it was the most outlined. Why? Well for one I want to build the basic foundation for the game using the Astrians rather than the Illura. I asked about what makes a game iconic and defining the iconic parts of my game need to surround the main species my world is built around.  Penumbra was just supposed to be the ‘guinea pig’ game before I did CD, but after watching a lot of the popular franchise games’ first games, I’m going to fully go in on CD. The other reason was to get my feet wet with Penumbra by using RPG Maker then moving to another software for CD. Now I feel I’m just going to do CD in RPG maker but just make it look a bit different. So that’s the game and it’s in addition to making an animated comic/audio book version of Dawn of Unity for my Youtube channel.

All that said, I’ll be doing another Voice Acting Casting Call, this time for the Dawn of Unity and Clandestine Dimension Characters: Carrot Orange, Ambrose, Dymona, Zephyrus, Cerulean, Aqua, Jade, Lime, The Sire, Doubt, Envy, BlueSome of these characters had previous voice actors and they are being held for them. If you were a voice actor for a character whose name is in bold, then you need to let me know that you still want said character.


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