Wings of Promise – Oct Week 2

Wings of Promise
A Creator is anyone who takes something, and makes it thier own in a unique way.

WOP is Spotlighting the best creators doing amazing things!

Here are this week’s spotlights!


Comic Author: Creator of There’s No Such Thing as Jason!
Supportive, super friendly and has a a creepy cool art style. His story is very engaging and keeps you wanting to know what happens next. He has an amazing ability to pull off technological references and special effects flawlessly. The fun part is trying to figure out the mystery behind what’s going on, so many good theories already out there!

Youtube: Pokemon Theories: Channel
Great Theories and super Friendly to boot! To this day my favorite Youtuber! One of the first youtubers I ever watched, his videos were always high quality and engaging. The theories are well thought out and researched which I really admire.

Youtube: Pokemon News : Channel
Soothing voice, down to earth commentary, and all the latest pokemon news 🙂 He is very nice and actually takes the time to respond to comments, which is rare for popular youtubers. He also isn’t afraid to voice his opinions and tell it like it is, and that I really appreciate.

Comic Author of multiple comics: Determined, supportive with a heart of Gold. And a work ethic most only dream of! She has a very impressive art style with a lot of attention to detail and her stories are very deep (in the sense that there are a LOT of secret. Even for being busy with a magazine and multiple comics, She’s always willing to give an encouraging word.


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