Update 2017

I know I’ve done quite a few voice acting calls that never seem to go anywhere. Well it’s mainly that I’ve finally realized that I can’t do it all by myself. So I’m going to be getting more people on my team to help some of my projects come to fruition. With that said I […]

Looking for a Theorist!

Astria Legends is looking for a volunteer Theorist! What I would like to add to my Youtube channel is some videos from a different point of view. For this, I need someone who likes to putting clues together and theorizing, so that as I post new stories and projects there is someone who gives their thoughts […]

Social Media Ad Campaign

One of my first marketing plans was to run an ad campaign on both Twitter and Facebook. I spent $100 on each campaign and did as much of a similar setup in each one. Twitter didn’t have as many categories as Facebook, but instead allows you to choose some categories for their outside of twitter […]

House Log 2 – An Overview

I went to my first walkthrough for the house, and it was such a surreal feeling walking through it. My Pastor was nice enough to accompany me and made the entire experience so much better. He asked questions that I would never have even thought of. It was good to see the sizes of the […]

House Log 1 – Intro

I can’t tell you how weird it feels to watch my house come together. It was a very terrifying experience to start, rewarding to go to the show room and now…just the anxious anticipation of being in my own house. It’s also wonderful to have a supportive church family throughout the process, especially my Pastor […]

Patreon Astrian Guide

My Patreon is unique in the fact that every Patron gets their own Astrian! Astrians are the main species of my world and currently this is the only way you can receive an official fan astrian. By Official, meaning your color and character design is officially recognized as valid for the Astria Galaxy. The neat […]

The Road to Riches

And by Riches I mean lots of fun things revealed. I’ve been pretty busy trying to prepare all these different visions I have in my head. So what’s been up? CLANDESTINE DIMENSION I’ve been really racking my brain on this one. Basically having a comic come out before the video game, without spoiling all the […]